A Revolutionary Convenience-Focused Way to Sell Sports Equipment.

The Gear2Go Vending Machine offers a modular way to sell sports equipment to your customers with an emphasis on speed and ease-of-use.

Why Gear2Go?

Gear2Go strongly believes in customer satisfaction and makes no compromises on its products' usability, quality, or simplicity. The Gear2Go vending machines are made with the express and only purpose to be as effective as possible in a real-world sports environment.

  • Function

    We operate with a function-first mentality and believe that a well-designed product is the basis for all future innovation and success. Our vending machines will astound users with their simple usage, effectiveness, and convenience.

  • Modularity

    We offer a way to select exactly what you need. We have bundles for specific sports that you can buy directly from us. We streamline the process between buying our goods and selling them to your customers.

  • Profit

    Anything you make from selling, you get to keep. We take no cut of profit and only ask for our partners to buy their stock from us.

Get Up. Get Going. Gear2Go.